Chrome vs. Vivaldi

Saturday morning thoughts (after the third cup of black tea)
when I search for “Vivaldi” on Google, second and third link are about Vivaldi-the-composer. With some nice videos of his music (Four Seasons etc.), to boot. When I search for “Chrome”, it’s videos about security issues in Google Chrome. Wise name choice, @vivaldibrowser. 🙂

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  1. It’s quite amusing that the videos are about security flaws in the Chrome browser. It looks like Google is filtering searches, yet it’s backfiring on them.

    People search ‘Chrome’ – and their algorithms show things to do with the browser rather than element 24Cr, to try to persuade people to use their spyware. Maybe the algorithms see the terms “Chrome” and “Security” in the same page, miss the context and therefore don’t detect that it’s a security *problem*.

    People search ‘Vivaldi’ – and Google’s algorithms show the composer rather than the browser, because they don’t want to direct users to a competing product (even if it is based on the same rendering engine)…

    Net result: show videos of either “quattro stagioni” or the flaws in Google’s browser! Nice.

  2. To be fair, the first link—when you search for Vivaldi—is for the Vivaldi browser—at least in my Google bubble. Then the composer and his music.

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